By 4-3 Vote, City Council Raises Utility Rates 4%

Without any discussion, the City Council voted 4-3 in favor of raising utility rates for the next four years by 4%.

Due to the lack of discussion, we have no idea the motivations behind any councilmember’s vote.

What we do know is that your future city bills will be higher.

Voting in favor of the utility rate increase were Councilmembers Palmer, Shadko, Hopkins and Door.

Voting against were Mayor Knutsen and Councilmembers Vermillion and Swanson.


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2 responses to “By 4-3 Vote, City Council Raises Utility Rates 4%

  1. Patty Carter

    UNBELIEVABLE! These same four put a moratorium on building on a piece of land that would have brought tens of thousands of dollars into our city to assist all of us homeowners with paying for needed water/sewer/storm infrastructure…. and instead now force us to pay an additional 16% hike! It is clear they care more about where the rodies will be placed and the size of roof tops on property that went through 10 years of decision making process… than the people of this city who are either on limited incomes from retirement or work every day to pay their already high utility rates !

  2. Toby

    Mr. Hopkins and I have had a number of discussions. He always led me to believe he like Mr. Knutsen was on the side of the taxpayers. Low blow.
    With Pierce County having the highest property taxes in the state, increased taxes on phone bills, Puget Power increases, high unemployment in the County, high home repossession here and the City Manager constantly going to the council with new schemes, Mr. Hopkins
    has apparently fallen in with those who have plenty of disposable income and feel it’s only a small increase everyone can afford. Up to now the Council has done wonderfully keeping costs under control and not falling into the trap of borrowing huge sum to create more debt but the creeping tax burden is hurting us.

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