Public Disclosure Commission Complaint Filed Against PuyallupNow (Updated: 8-7-13)

*** 8-7-13 Update: PuyallupNow would like to thank Senator Pam Roach for her support of our freedom of speech rights.***

PuyallupNow received an email of a complaint filed through the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). The complaint of course is baseless and was simply an election season ploy that was quickly dimissed. We did think it of interest to post the email so the public can see what was sent.

Before we do that though, we want to make clear that this website will always endorse who we think is the better candidate for city council, talk about issues that we feel are important, and share informaion we receive. If you do not share the same opinions as PuyallupNow, that’s fine. Here are two options for you.

1. Don’t read us.

2. Start your own website with your opinions. In fact, we will even give you a website name: PuyallupThen. On PuyallupThen you can talk about the glory days of Kathy Turner and Don Malloy, when the city was racking up debt faster than John Hopkins can put up campaign signs (By the way, the debt is a bad thing, Hopkins’ campaign signs are a good thing), and remember fondly the days of sitting in court against a family-fun center, a fellow councilman, and a respected local business owner.

We fully endorse John Hopkins, Steve Hastings, and Chris McNutt for City Council. They do not have any influence on our endorsements, nor do they review or approve our posts. This website is independent of any candidate.

Below you can read the email PuyallupNow received from the PDC:


The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) recently enacted new rules requiring sponsor identification on online political advertising. Brochures explaining the requirements are attached.

The PDC has received a complaint that the Puyallupnow website should contain sponsor identification since the website advocates support for particular candidates.

Sponsor identification may be left off of an ad so long as all of these criteria are met:

· the sponsor is an individual acting on his or her own behalf, independent of any candidate, political committee or organization,

· the sponsor personally produces and distributes the ad (or pays for it to be produced and/or distributed),

· the sponsor receives no contributions or other support to produce and distribute the ad,

· no more than $50 in the aggregate is spent for online advertising or $100 in the aggregate for any other type of advertising, and

· the advertising is EITHER distributed through the individual’s social media site, personal website, or similar online forum where information is produced and disseminated only by the individual OR a letter, flier, handbill, text or e-mail from the individual that does not appear in a newspaper or comparable mass publication.

Please respond to this e-mail and confirm that Puyallupnow is exempt from sponsor ID because it meets all of the above criteria or, if not exempt, that sponsor identification has been added to the website.

Thank you

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One response to “Public Disclosure Commission Complaint Filed Against PuyallupNow (Updated: 8-7-13)

  1. Steven Shores

    The fact that the PDC chair and vice chair allowed themselves to be influenced by other members and send such an email to PN reflects negatively on their judgment. Did they even look at the site? It’s pretty obvious that the site deals with lots of topics and is not an “advertisement” website but purely opinion based. So are the PDC the new “freedom of speech” police?

    Déjà vu: from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past (at Puyallup City
    Council meetings), whether it has actually happened or not.

    P.S. Is it true that PN is sponsored and operated by FSM?

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