District 2 Neighborhood Meeting Recap

Last night Mayor Rick Hansen, along with City Council members Steve Vermillion and John Palmer held a District 2 community meeting at the Nazarene Church.  City Manager Bill McDonald and Police Chief Bryan Jeter were also present.  Below is a quick recap of the issues brought up the citizens attending.

-Citizen appreciates these meeting but would like meeting minutes typed up and put on city website to help with communication across districts.  He believes many of the same concerns are heard in all districts and it would be helpful to have access to what was discussed.

***Editor note: This is a great idea and something the city should do.  We have done this for the one previous district meeting held. You can find our notes from the district meetings by scrolling down the home page to the Categories section and click on the link to District Meetings.***

-Question wondering if and when the speed tables would be installed on 21st St SE.  Council and staff responded they have approved the contract for that project so it should begin sometime in the near future.

-Concerns about how those speed tables will affect the surrounding neighborhoods.  Citizen felt that those speed tables would cause traffic to enter other residential streets in order to avoid them.

-Citizen raised concerns about trains causing traffic to back up in town.  Council and staff let everyone know that they sent a letter to Burlington Northern with their concerns about the possibility of coal trains coming through Puyallup.  They expressed their frustration with the lack of urgency and response from BN regarding issues.

-Citizen asked for help with speeders on 9th St SW.  Cheif Jeter explained a new program the police have implemented called “Street of the Week.”  The traffic unit focuses on a particular street each week in town to help alleviate the speeding.  Contact the city to get your street on the list for a possible “street of the week” focus.

-The Citizens Academy has been pushed back to the fall.

-Citizen asked about lost dog posters on telephone poles, focusing on one particular missing dog that has been missing for over a year and what can be done to get posters removed.

-Concerns with gang graffiti on sitting railroad cars

-concerns about people smoking marijuana in city parks and the lack of signage concerning this matter

-A citizen relayed his story of being hit by a vehicle outside the Foursquare church that was driving too fast.  He and his neighbors have been contacting the city for 18 months about traffic, speeders, and noise from the church.  He wants this problem fixed.  The church leadership is not leading on this.

-Concerns about traffic on 7th Ave SE from Kalles Jr. High.  During dropoff and pick up time traffic is a mess with people parking backwards on the street, stopping in the middle of the road, using the turn lane as a drive thru lane, etc.  High concerns for student safety.  When the city sent a patrol car out to sit there, it helped.

-Citizen expressed her personal political views on a handful of subjects.

-Multiple citizens expressed concerns about a volleyball facility that has expanded it’s use outside regulations in their neighborhood.  Traffic, parking, RVs on the street, food vendors are all wrecking havoc on this quiet neighborhood.  Also a safety concern because emergency vehicles cannot fit down the street to the nearby nursing home.

-Question about traffic at 7th St and 23rd Ave.  Council let citizen know a traffic light will be installed there soon.

-Train track crossings that feel more like a roller coaster

-A young man who attends Kalles Jr. High also expressed his concerns with traffic and speeding after school.

-A citizen expressed his appreciation for the budget process in 2012.  He also asked about any pending litigation concerning the Shaw Road Bridge Extension.  Staff and council could not comment on that at that time.

-Lastly, a citizen expressed his opinion that as a society, we have lost the values that so many people held for many years.  He believed this had to do with the increase in selfishness from citizens.


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  1. Just a big thank you to city council mayor & chief of police for being available for this meeting. Makes a person feel that they really are concerned & take an active interest in the city of Puyallup.

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