Chris McNutt Announces Candidacy

District 3 resident Chris McNutt has officially announced his candidacy for Puyallup City Council.

Mr. McNutt is a current Planning Commission member and the author of the popular “Know Your Planning Commission” articles here on PuyallupNow.  He is running for the seat currently occupied by Kent Boyle.

Below is his statement:

“Today I have officially announced my candidacy for Puyallup City Council in the 2013 election season.  Not with a great deal of fanfare, but with dedication and conviction.

For the first time in many years the city is on the right track but there is much more to do.  In running and achieving office I will continue to make Puyallup a better place for our families and neighbors.

You can contact me on Facebook, through my website and via email at

I look forward to working with you to better our community.

Chris McNutt”


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