Know Your Planning Commission – Results Episode

***This article is a recap of portions of a City Council meeting.  The following content is written by District 3 resident and Planning Commission member Chris McNutt.***

The following is a personal account and may not reflect the opinions of others.

As you know, we’ve been discussing various Comprehensive Plan amendments for months in my Know Your Planning Commission series. First reading for the 2012 Comp Plan amendments was on Wednesday, October 16th 2012 and I’d like to take a few minutes to highlight how this stage of the process transpired.

There are eight total amendments this year.  Six are map amendments (zoning and land use) while the remaining two are text amendments.  They have all been covered in great detail before so I’ll spare you most of the descriptions and jump to the initial council decisions.

Note: Changes to city policy and code like this have to go through First and Second Readings.  At First Reading the code language is introduced and available for public comment.  The council can amend, strike, approve or deny any or all of the code/policy. Often, this will be the first time the general public learns about an item, so a Second Reading is necessary to give everyone time to review the documents and comment as well as time for city staff to make any required amendments.  At the Second Reading they will vote for each policies adoption/rejection. If adopted they will become code and law.

1. Privately initiated map amendment, CDA Pirscher/Puyallup Care (901 South Meridian)
City Council Vote: Passed First Reading

The Planning Commission vote was 4-2 against this amendment, though I was in the minority who voted for adoption.

2. Privately initiated map amendment, Meridian Mobile Home Park (202 27th Ave SE)
City Council Vote: Failed First Reading

The City Council agreed with the Planning Commission on this item and struck it down prior to making second reading. There was a good deal of discussion and it became apparent that the city needs to rework some of the code and fees to make Mobile Homes viable in the long term. Previous councils seemed to have tried to do away with them, but I think they have a place in Puyallup.

3. City initiated map amendment, 1002 14th St SW
4. City initiated map amendment, 1023 11th St SW
5. City initiated map amendment, 1605 23rd Ave SW
6. City initiated map amendment, 1243 27th St SE
City Council Vote: Passed First Reading

7. City initiated Community Character Element
City Council Vote: Passed First Reading

8. City initiated Environmental Element
City Council Vote: Parts of it Passed First Reading

There was a lot of discussion on this item, most of which centered around the Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure element. There were several words of support for some aspects, and comments against others.  In the end the Urban Forestry policies were removed and the rest passed on to Second Reading.  Interestingly, this item also received a 4-2 adoption recommendation from the Planning Commission where I was in the minority voting against it.

Each of the items that failed the First Reading vote are finished and will not be reviewed again. The others will move on to Second Reading for further review and another vote which is expected to be on November 13th.

If you would like to review the video of this meeting, it will be available at this link, as well as on Comcast channel 22 (Thursday at 8AM, Friday at 2AM, Sunday at 8PM.)

Chris McNutt
District 3
Planning Commissioner


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