Clark’s Creek Receding, But Leaving Damage Behind

As the weed cutting in Clark’s Creek continues, the water is starting to recede back to its’ banks. While watching your yard come back from being a lake is nice, the damage left behind is not. Creek resident Georga Prossick described it as “destroyed, rotten smelling yards all along the creek!” She also shared some pictures of what her yard currently looks like. You can view those below.

“A permanent fix for Clarks Creek must be found! And as that happens, we must have two annual cuttings of elodea starting at the earliest time of the year possible! (June 15th)” Georga shared in an email with Puyallup Now. She believes the city and it’s engineer Mark Palmer have been incompetent on this issue, take a look at the pictures and see what you think.
Here you can see what was left behind as the creek returned to its’ banks.

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