Kent Boyle Goes On Ken Schram, Can’t Seem to Move On

Councilmember Kent Boyle was on the radio Thursday afternoon to discuss the admonishment of Mayor Rick Hansen.  He spoke with host Ken Schram on his show on KOMO 1000.  Go ahead and click here to take you to the link, then click on the listen button to hear it yourself.

You learn a couple things from listening.  One, although Mr. Hansen has apologized, been embarrassed, said it won’t happen again, and gone to sensitivity training, Mr. Boyle still feels the need to go on the radio and chastise him for his behavior.  It’s time he moves on like the rest of us.

Second, you learn that when Mr. Hansen put his hands on Mrs. Martineau’s shoulders, Boyle witnessed it.  Boyle says in the audio that he felt  “as far as I was concerned, that situation was over with.”  Boyle and Martineau are friends and were allies on the council.  He endorsed her during her failed bid to actually win an elected seat.  It makes you wonder why she even stood up at the meeting the other night.  It must have been a case of sour grapes because she lost the election.  Or possibly, maybe she doesn’t want her father, Bill Hilton, to win election for state representative because we don’t know how her actions could possibly help him. 

The audio is worth a listen, if only to try and answer this question: Why would a sitting councilmember feel the need to go on the radio after this situation has been dealt with and continue to bring negative attention to our community?



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2 responses to “Kent Boyle Goes On Ken Schram, Can’t Seem to Move On

  1. Mel F.

    As a long time citizen of Fife, I have always followed and kept up with the events in Puyallup. For that reason I would like to give my opinion of Tuesday’s 7/17/2012 Puyallup City Council meeting.

    Along with other city business, several council minutes were provided for citizens to give opinions on Mayor Rick Hanson’s “inappropriate touching” charges. The comments ranged from support, to those calling for his resignation. It’s surprising that citizens who have no knowledge of the events or circumstances, or even know Mr. Hanson, would call for him to leave or be thrown out of office. I can’t believe how narrow minded and judgmental these people are, when they know nothing of the facts in this matter.

    However, it was the last minute statements by former Council Woman Nicole Martineau that put the whole matter in perspective for me. There is no question in my mind that this “inappropriate” incident is a Dirty Politics issue spear-headed by former Mayor Kathy Turner, her former staff still working for the City of Puyallup, and Ms. Martineau. For Ms. Martineau to accuse Mr. Hanson so dramatically and after the fact, of “inappropriate” touching, is ludicrous and a case of sour grapes for her losing her last election and seat on the council. The Kathy Turner Dynasty as Mayor of Puyallup is over for good reason. Ms. Turner for twenty years ran the city for the benefit of herself and a few political cronies. The only thing her reign can show is massive clogging growth, and a half occupied “Palace” of a city hall that has cash strapped the city.

    Ms. Martineau was nothing more then a rubber stamp for anything Kathy Turner wanted when they were together in city government. They remain close friends out of office and can be seen around town together. Ms. Martineau is I’m sure planning to run for some city office again, so it is curious why two local news agencies were so orchestrated in there coverage of the council meeting events. Almost on cue, Ms. Martineau rose up and gave her accusations against Mayor Hanson, then continued to give additional comments in the hallway outside. Isn’t it odd that both KIRO and KOMO would show up to Puyallup Council meeting? How did they know the agenda? Isn’t it odd that Ms. Martineau would be the focus of their coverage?

    It’s all to orchestrated and contrived, to be anything but, a political “witch hunt” by the former regime.

    I have seen first hand what the new mayor and council are doing for the citizens of Puyallup. This new group is working hard to clean up Clarks Creek, prevent big business from taking over the hatchery and reduce city debt and congestion. This new group is going to be the best thing that ever happened to Puyallup.

    Mayor Hanson’s mistake was not being aware of today’s over sensitive “politically correct” environment. The Mayor and the Council are a strong, intelligent and committed group of people looking out for the citizens of Puyallup. I say we let them get back to running the city for the benefit of it’s citizens and put this matter behind them.

  2. Robert Lord

    I was dismayed by the comments Ms. Martineau made during the citizen comment period during the July 17, 2012 city council meeting. Dismayed but not surprised. Listening to her accusations only confirmed, in my mind, how far she would go to discredit someone she had serious political differences with.

    Whether or not the alleged incident involving her and Rick Hansen actually happened is up for debate. I say this because of her demonstrated penchant for calling attention to herself over the past 2 years and her appetite for vindictiveness.

    When she was appointed to fill George Dill’s seat as district 1 representative on the council she made a lot of promises that she soon abandoned in favor of pandering to then mayor Kathy Turner, and her coalition on the council.

    Instead of advocating for the needs of her district, such as badly needed repair of infrastructure, such as streets, she instead began to take positions on policies which appeared to be anti-citizen in nature.

    She , along with Mayor Turner, sponsored arbitrary rules changes of council rules which would deny citizens the right to publicly criticize their representatives performance. This right is one of the foundation stones of democracy in order to put on notice the peoples representatives that the people will not tolerate politicians who abrogate their duties.

    She voted to approve a bond to pay for litigation which was considered an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds after having clear direction of objections from her constituents.
    Then she voted to raise landfill fees to pay for this bond. Although a report by the finance director indicated that the city had the money on hand to pay for the litigation.

    She allienated her constituents by ignoring their needs and by being unresponsive to their questions about her lack of enthusiasm for executing her duties as a district representative.

    She made statements that citizens disrespected her and yet she demonstrated disrespect for her colleagues on the council and citizens who questioned her motives as their representative.

    She complained of citizens requesting public information for her e-mails and complaints to the attorney general about her behavior.

    And she has a history of claiming acts against her of vandalizing her property and a voter calling her to inquire about her stands on issues to make an informed decision of who to vote for during the November 2011 campaign for the At-Large position on the council.

    These points and many others which would fill several pages of text are the basis of my skeptcism of the voracity of Ms. Martineau’s accusations against the mayor.

    The attention she brought upon herself with the accusations suggest a craving for attention that she may eventually regret.

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