Any event in life is viewed through the perspective of the person or persons experiencing it.   All of your background knowledge, emotions, and preconceived notions play a part in how that event takes place in your eyes.  What one person may view as fun, another as boring. What one person may view as beautiful, another as hideous.  What one person may view as innocent,  another as not.    

Hindsight is a popular perspective for many people.  It allows them to look back and see if they were given a do-over, would they act the same way, say the same thing.  You have an opportunity to try and see things through someone else’s perspective.   The majority of events in life we look back on and think everything went well.  Occasionally though, an event or two happens and, looking back on it, we wish we could have changed what was said or done.  For most people, those things happen privately.  Sometimes you are forced to go through that process publicly. 

Every single person reading this has made many, many mistakes throughout their lives.  Most of the people reading this took those mistakes and used them as a tool to learn and improve themselves.  Some of those mistakes did not even seem like mistakes at first glance, until later you find out they affected someone else.  Any time something unfortunate happens, we need to either learn from it and use it, or let it wreck us and walk away from the situation no better off. Unfortunately, there are times when people will use our hardships to try and break us, to try and humiliate us, to try and change the public perception of us for their advantage.  Those are the times it is the hardest to forge on and not be defined by your mistakes but by your perseverance to improve.  

Let’s learn from our past, but not let it define us.


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