Clark’s Creek Flooding Is Unacceptable

It’s June 28 and the flooding along Clark’s Creek is out of control.  The city has not cut the Elodea weeds yet this year and plan on only cutting them once.  Residents along the creek have stated that when the weeds are cut twice a year, while not a long-term solution, help reduce the flooding. 

Having viewed the flooding in person, it is very shocking.  People’s backyards are completely covered, flowers and bushes submerged under water.  Trees that were once on the edge of their property are now in the middle of the creek. Retention walls, instead of keeping the water back are now under water like the remnants of a small underwater world. 

We took some pictures to give you a glimpse of what our neighbors are having to deal with.  Frankly, this is unacceptable.  There is absolutely no reason why people should have to deal with these issues.  The city, Fish & Wildlife, the Tribe, whoever needs to get together on this needs to get this solved quickly.  Residents have been complaining and nothing is being done, other than some head nods and a smile.

It was said, and it is very true, the city is being reactive to this issue instead of proactive about it.  The flooding should have never got to this point and it should be the goal of the city to never allow it to be like this again.   

Here are some pictures, click them to enlarge:


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One response to “Clark’s Creek Flooding Is Unacceptable

  1. tom c smillie

    To All, It’s called whack-a-mole. As soon as you get one issue going the right way, (Fish Hatchery) another long left to deal with issue will pop up. Get your list ready and stick it to them every meeting en masse until you get a result or get someone fired for not producing any results. Get your elected council people involved and stay on their keisters until they get results or vote ’em out. Keep on squeakin’ Puyallup, that’s what gets the grease. Your Pal Tom

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