Fish Hatchery Update

This is a synopsis of what was shared at the council meeting last week.  It was shared on Save our Fish Hatchery’s Facebook page:

Tuesday evening during the city council meeting, Steve Vermillion gave us an update on activities surrounding our Puyallup Hatchery.

He met with two State Fish & Wildlife representatives at the hatchery on Tuesday afternoon, walked the property, discussed the situation with them for about 2 hours and came away with great news!

The State has decided to continue to run the hatchery operation…. The neighborhood will remain the same! Fish and Wildlife are welcome to the idea of a 501c3 being formed now. It will be modeled after what was done at the Issaquah Hatchery and has been very successful. When that is done, we will see community involvement, educational opportunities, tours, annual festivals, volunteerism, membership, and a whole host of wonderful activities from this partnership. Everyone with ideas and suggestions and talent will be welcome to explore all kinds of ways to make the hatchery a fun, exciting, beautiful place to enjoy.

The representatives also told Mr. Vermillion that cleaning out the abatement ponds has been moved up on the “to do” list and the work should be accomplished this summer. Good news for our Clarks Creek!

They also discussed the silt pond which is up above the hatchery. Steve reported that this too, according to the representatives, was under plan to restore.

Steve said he walked away from this meeting with a real good feeling. The representatives also mentioned that the citizens presence and desire to be involved was a big part of why the decision was made by the department of State Fish and Wildlife.

After his report to the council at the open public meeting, direction came from the Mayor that the next step will be to have our city manager arrange for a meeting with the parties that will be part of the legal coalition. This meeting will take place in about a month as more information is being gathered and studied from Fish and Wildlife.

Steve Vermillion was appointed by council as point man. Hats off to his good work and dedicated efforts on this project!

Wednesday, June 20th, a public meeting was held with many local folks, along with councilman John Knutsen and councilman Steve Vermillion. Steve once again gave a full report of the hatchery discussions, along with an informative description of our water source and delivery system.

Many present were very concerned over the unseasonal flooding of Clarks Creek. This topic was then discussed at some length. Steve has done much investigatory research on other options to clean up our creek and shared some of this with those present. John Knutsen described the difficult situation with the Puyallup Tribe regarding the creek.

Ann Coon, a leader and champion for many years of caring for Clarks Creek, spoke to an immediate solution that should be done regarding removal of large bolder rocks clogging several bridge areas. This rock removal would immediately make for better water flow. The responsibility of the rock removal is Pierce County’s. Please contact Ann Coon at if you would like to help write letters/emails to get these rocks removed! She can provide information of locations and direction of who to contact.


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