Another Successful Council Meeting

On Tuesday night, the city council took action on two issues that instantly improve the city.  They also updated the citizens on an important issue, our fish hatchery.

By a 7-0 vote and without any comment, initiative and referendum was passed.  This was a controversial issue with last year’s council, where it failed by a 5-2 vote.  Now, not only did it pass 7-0 but there was no concerns or worries that were previously expressed.

Cultivating Puyallup, the city’s TDR (transfer of development rights) plan, was currently being studied by city planners through a grant.  This plan would have allowed developers to purchase “credits” by buying farm land and then using those “credits” for downtown development perks.  In a word, this plan was terrible.  Terrible for citizens, terrible for historic buildings, terrible for parking. 

The council put a stop to this plan by a 5-2 vote, with council members Boyle and Palmer voting against stopping the plan.  As this plan was described, this was a pet frog project of the pervious council.  Now it is as gone as they are.

So, this supposed “do-nothing” council has once again accomplished much.

Also, council member Steve Vermillion updated everyone on the hatchery situation.  We will share a synopsis of this lengthy update in a future post.


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