Council Did Right Thing With Parking

At last night’s council meeting a plan for allowing commuters to park with permits on West Main between 3rd and 5th Street SW was voted down in a 4-3 vote.

This plan would have opened up some city street parking that was taken away from commuters when the new parking plan was implemented earlier in the year. 

When talking about downtown parking we have to remember to take into account the whole situation. 

First, commuter parking is NOT the City of Puyallup’s problem to deal with.  This problem is Sound Transits’.  They need to be finding the funds to expand their parking and not impact the city and its’ residents.

Second, commuters have plenty of parking, other than the street.  Sound Transit has hundreds of stalls on site, the Red Lot is available with hundreds of more, and there is a South Hill Park & Ride also available.  If parking is such a major headache for people they can always drive their own cars to work!   

If commuters have issues with the parking situation the best thing for them to do is lobby Sound Transit to find the money to come up with a solution.  The city council is not the enemy.  No one is using parking as a way to get rich and retire early.  Voting on downtown parking is not a conflict of interest, nor is it a financial gain.  It is the job of a council member to represent the majority voice of citizens, which is what those four council members did.

Downtown businesses are happy with the parking, downtown residents are happy with the parking.  That’s what is important.



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3 responses to “Council Did Right Thing With Parking

  1. James McBride

    The proposed ballot measure was about providing additional parking for Puyallup Citizens (who happen to also be commuters). It is interesting to note that proponents of the status quo often characterize commuters as ‘freeloaders looking for a handout’ while at the same time thanking the City for providing ample street parking for their residences and aparatment buildings. Who exactly is receiving the handout here? The residents of Puyallup who have been excluded from parking solely based on their address or the residents who have chosen to convert their garages to apartments and studios and park their cars on the street for 24 hours for free?

    As for people getting rich – no one claimed that was the case. This council – through public statements and this blog – has gone out of its way to criticize the past Mayor and council for a lack of transparency and for behaving in a self-serving manner. Now they act surprised that people listened to their campaign promises and are trying to hold them to a higher standard? You can’t have it both ways…

  2. Jeff Moss

    Let’s not forget that the Puyallup City council was instrumental in working with sound transit to locate the transit center down town. The city has some responsibility here and to state that the parking issue is not the city’s problem is disingenuous. At the very least the city should be engaged with Sound Transit to clean up the mess they helped create.

  3. Dan Ridley

    I think if you really look at who is using sound transit at the puyallup and sumner stations it would be people on south hill and as far as graham and orting who are out of the city limits of puyallup and sumner. The only way to clean up the mess is to move the station east by shaw road.

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