A New Day for Our Hatchery

Today marked a real turning point for our Puyallup Fish Hatchery! With the potential lease deal to Pacific Seafoods now over, a meeting was held in Puyallup to discuss potential involvement from several key groups and individuals.

Positive comments came from Senator Jim Kastama, State Rep Bruce Dammeier and State Rep Hans Zeiger. They all support us in keeping our fish hatchery and realize the importance of it to our community, our schools and our city. In Mr. Dammeier’s words, “it’s more than just a place to raise trout!”

Mr. Zeiger described how much of an effect our grass roots effort made, stating that “Fish & Wildlife had drastically underestimated you.”

Mayor Rick Hansen kept the meeting rolling with Councilmember Steve Vermillion next up, giving more detail to the wheels in motion that will add our hatchery to the historic registry, the current conditions of the abatement ponds which have not been cleaned out in over 16 years, as well as the 13 acre pond up above the hatchery which has been neglected and has had a negative impact on our Clarks Creek.

An annual celebration called “Trout Days” was another suggestion, which the Puyallup Main Street Association and Chamber of Commerce, along with others may enjoy putting together with volunteers!

Next we heard from the Puyallup tribe representative. He made it clear that the tribe wants to be an active participant in the future of our hatchery, with concerns for Clarks Creek and the future fish supply as well.

WSU representative, Tonya Lee Erwin, gave a brief report about a 5 point plan they had developed in the past few weeks which would incorporate among other things, bringing NOAA onboard for research development programs as well as the potential of a new satellite education program possibly located on-site at our hatchery!

Within the span of just over an hour, our group from Save Our Puyallup Fish Hatchery, got to experience the joy of knowing that all of our efforts, as well as all of yours, made the difference in stopping Pacific Seafoods and have launched us towards a future bright with possibilities to make our little hatchery the jewel it is meant to be for all of us!

Stay tuned as we bring you more detail and opportunity to volunteer and help with our Puyallup Fish Hatchery!


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