Notes from District 1 Meeting

 Last night District 1 and At-Large council members John Knutsen, John Hopkins, and Steve Vermillion held the first neighborhood meeting for District 1.  City Manager Ralph Dannenberg and new Police Chief Bryan Jeter were also present. The meeting was held at Merrill Gardens Senior Living Facility.  The meeting was well attended and citizens were able to express their concerns, questions, and praise.  Below are some notes from the meeting including citizen comments and some council and staff responses. 

-concerns with city vehicles driving out of town, to Eatonville: Currently there is no ordinance preventing workers from taking city vehicles home if their position allows it.

-real estate signs littering the corners, right-of-way. Man was arrested for theft of signs in a right-of-way: Council members wanted more information about this and will connect with the citizens.

-17th st nw, 4th ave nw, speeding in the neighborhood: This was a common theme of the night.

-city hall is empty, fill it up: Staff is addressing this issue by attempting to come up with some solutions.

-theft of a home but items recovered

-Milmar development has had an adverse affect on the neighborhood, especially due to the raised development.  Council members are aware of the problem and are working on stopping these issues in the future.

-concerns with Richardson drive

-ditches around Milmar plot are not being maintained, residents are using them as fireplaces, etc.

-tribune newspaper pink bags are being littered everywhere

-curb appeal is lacking

-speeders are racing down from 17th to 22nd nw

-round about on 4th ave nw

-concerns with the lack of police in valley

-break-ins, drugs in the nw part of town

-talking on cell phone while driving

-8th st nw alley that’s a dead end but has no sign

-Clark’s creek flooding, trees in the creek: The trees can be cut but not removed from the creek.

-police protocol on suspicious activity: Call the police if you see anything suspicious, it helps them create a profile for a future arrest

-moving the court into a city owned building, leasing part of city hall: City is only allowed to rent out 5,000 sq ft of city hall to non-government agency.

-go see the beautiful new sculpture on the river walk

-Aylen drop off is causing problems

-freezing nights problems with homeless

-possible community trail through the WSU extension property: Staff and council members are not aware of any plans for this.

-why can’t the court be moved into city hall? What restrictions are there on this move?: Staff addressed this issue in depth.


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  1. When and where will there be a District 2 meeting and how will the public become aware of a schedule?

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