Fish Hatchery in Puyallup May be Leased

Rumors are swirling all around Puyallup about the possible lease of the Fish and Wildlife’s hatchery located on 14th Street Southwest.  They seem to be in the final stages of a lease agreement with Pacific Seafoods.  Nothing official can be confirmed at this time, however.

One of the biggest concerns is how this possibly lease agreement would affect the existing neighborhood.  The site is in a residential neighborhood and is currently zoned for Public Facility.  Environmental issues pose another threat to that precious area where the creek, park, and wildlife are located.

The hatchery also is used by the Puyallup School District’s special education department.  If you watched the council meeting from Tuesday night, you heard first hand from someone who has benefited from this program.

It would be a great disappointment if Fish and Wildlife went through with this lease.  The council and city has been very vocal about their concern with “losing” the fish hatchery.  They have asked for information and F&W has obviously ignored them.


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