Citizen and Soldier

Here is a photo of citizen Gene Landry from 1943 when he was in the South Pacific.  Gene was a Navy tail gunner on an SB2C dive bomber of the 2nd Hornet aircraft carrier.  The first Hornet was sunk.

Gene was instrumental in stopping the city council in 2006 from changing the our district representation into an all at-large system.  He walked the streets and gathered 1,600 signatures that he presented to the council.


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2 responses to “Citizen and Soldier

  1. Gene is one of this nation’s unsung heroes. If you poke and prod him enough you can find out what he did during WWII–which was one of the most dangerous jobs in the Navy. Thanks Gene for being there when this nation needed you.

  2. Robert Lord

    Thank you Gene for your service to our country. Gene is a patriot in the truest sense of the word. He is unassuming and unselfish and always available to lend his support for the rights of his fellow citizens.

    Sadly, among us, there are a few individuals who have attempted to usurp the rights of our citizens for their own selfish ends. They are the ones who know little of the unselfish examples of life lived by people such as Gene and who care little to learn. It was unfortunate when these same individuals demonstrated lack of respect for Mr. Landry when he reminded them of their duty to citizens as council representatives. Fortunately they are few and are no longer relevant in this city.

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