Church, Fair, School Causing Parking Problems

Neighbors living in Southeast Puyallup are going through their own “parking predicament.”

Living around a junior high, the Puyallup Fair, and Puyallup Foursquare Church has caused neighbors to have to deal with illegally parked cars, speeding drivers, and general annoyance around their homes.

They have come to the city with their issues and the city has made some changes.  They have installed a stop sign on one of the cross streets.  They have also added No Parking signs along the side streets.  Unfortunately, many drivers are disregarding those no parking signs.

The police have promised to ramp up coverage in that area, especially on Sundays during church services.  Hopefully that will curb the problem.

If you are a driver in that area, please remember that you are in a residential neighborhood and to respect the people who live there.


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  1. T hank You for the posting . Hopefully people will pay attention.

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