The Power of Initiatives and Referendums

This was a long time coming. 

At last night’s council meeting, a 7-0 vote started the process of allowing you, the citizens of Puyallup, to enact and repeal city ordinances. 

We now begin a 90-day waiting period that gives time for someone to file a petition wanting this issue to go to the ballot.  They would need to collect around 1,000 valid signatures for that to happen.

Despite the fact that this issue had been beaten down many times over the past four years, it received little resistance this time.  Councilmember Kent Boyle, who voted against this issue last year citing influence of special interest groups, did not voice any concerns last night.

Although the Herald labeled this council a “do-nothing” council in last week’s editorial, they have accomplished quite a bit in the first two months.  They’ve moved the start time of meetings, initiated discussions on an invocation to start meetings, started to reshape the vision of the River Road Corridor plan, are working on combining city services into city facilities, and this action.

It looks like the campaign promises of some council members are taking shape, something that never would have been accomplished with the past council.

The voice of the citizens is being restored.  Right after the vote on initiatives and referendum, the audience broke out in applause.  An applause that would have never been heard with the old council and an applause that was a long time coming.



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3 responses to “The Power of Initiatives and Referendums

  1. The “Voice of the People” has been subverted and repressed by former councils. Now the voice of the people has been returned to them and I am proud to have been a part of this historic change in Puyallup’s political landscape. As the author wrote so eloquently, the time has finally arrived. “Free at Last!” “Free at Last!”

  2. Robert Lord

    Well said! After observing the workings of Puyallup city councils since 2005 I would have to say that this new council has accomplished more in it”s first 2 months than the previous did in the past 2 years. I make this claim because the previous council would not even entertain discussing the issues that the present council is addressing. These current council members have checked their egos at the door, taken the attitude of serving the citizens without reservation and have rolled up their sleeves to do the jobs that they were elected to do.

    With their votes the citizens have sent a loud and clear message that they are fed up with “business as usual”, “adolescent behavior” and political hacks running municipal government as if it were a third world dictatorship.

    I’m not saying we will let down our guard but this new council seems to be on the right track.

  3. Merv Swanson

    The really sad truth is,the people have such little trust in represenative gov., they want to make their own decisions.

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