Parking Plan is Working, Let’s Not Mess This Up

Six months ago, Puyallup implemented a new parking plan for the downtown core.  The plan has been a huge success with business owners, residents, and shoppers.  Commuters are not as happy, but use of the Red Lot is up significantly.

On Tuesday night, the council was presented with a list of recommended changes for this parking plan.  It includes allowing commuter parking along certain streets that were deemed “underutilized.”  It also covers moving some of the two-hour parking zones near salons to three-hour zones to help their customers.  As well as, expand the residential permit system.

Some changes to this plan, like moving the hair salon times, are good.  Others, like giving commuters more on-street parking are not good.  Downtown businesses love the fact that customers can come down and find a spot.  Personally, we have parked downtown much more than before due to the availability of the Cornforth-Campbell lot.  Just because something is not being fully utilized now doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future. 

Commuters have the availability of the Red Lot, as well as hundreds of parking stalls owned by Sound Transit.  If Sound Transit would like to have more spaces for their customers, they need to be proactive about finding solutions.  Moving the commuter train station out of downtown, near Shaw Road between Puyallup and Sumner, would solve the majority of these issues.

The council needs to make minimal changes to this plan.  Leave the parking for the commuters alone, things are settled down.  This was a positive plan, the council should continue on this path.


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