A Mouthpiece for the Citizens

This website is not a mouthpiece for anyone, but the citizens of Puyallup.  We are here to provide information, opinions, and questions. 

The fact that we share many opinions with those of certain councilmembers is why this website supports them.  No councilmember has anything to do with this site. 

The opinions of this site are just that, opinions.  Just like the opinions of letter writers, are that: an opinion.  There is no new “gang of four.” There have been two council meetings with the new council.  There have been NO 4-3 votes.  In fact, the closest vote has been 5-2.  In that vote, supposed “gang of four” councilmembers John Knutsen and John Hopkins voted against the rest of the council, including other supposed “gang” members Rick Hansen and Steve Vermillion. 

Puyallup has seven independent councilmembers!!!!

Look, some people in our community refuse to be happy.  He or she believe everyone is wrong but themself.  This website has supported candidates who have won elections, many of them easily.  We will not change our content or stop posting because someone has a problem with it.  You cannot make everyone happy.  We aren’t trying to do that.  We are here as a forum for Puyallup citizens and to share information.

We are nobody’s mouthpiece but the majority’s.


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