Positive Puyallup Turns Negative

This video needs no additional comment.  It was sent to PuyallupNow by Youtube user “puyallupgirl77.”

Click on this link to view the video.


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2 responses to “Positive Puyallup Turns Negative

  1. Robert Lord

    Puyallupgirl77, excellent job. You portrayed Ms. Martineau at her finest. And my comment in no way is meant as an approval of her whining.

    As I have said before, words don’t count for much but actions do and by her actions for nearly 2 years on the council Ms. Martineau painted for us a portrait of the type of individual that we did not want as a representative because she did not represent her constituents.

    Our system of government works quite well in spite of its messy nature. You can’t fool the people all the time and her time came to an end not soon enough.

  2. stan johnson

    I believe that we had ” a vote of the people” and the result was that the residents didn’t want to here the Martineau view of Puyallup and the future of the city. Give it a rest!
    Stan Johnson

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