The Future is Here

Today is the final day of an era.  When the fireworks explode at midnight, the future of the City of Puyallup will be ushered in. 

The next two years of council decisions will help shape the future of this great town.  The council will be comprised of seven individuals who are advocates for their citizens, people who are willing to examine the “status quo” to see if it can be done better, and represent a diverse range of backgrounds that will help them formulate their decisions.

This blog was created to help bring about this change.  It was started when a citizen’s business was suspiciously flooded after a not-so-appealing letter to the editor appeared in the paper about a councilmember.  The police report listed only one suspect, the spouse of that councilmember.  That information needed to be shared with the public and this blog was born.

Over the last year-and-a-half this site has grown, both in content and in readership.  It has been a place for citizens to share their voices, provide information that may or may not have been publicly shared in other forums, and keep a pulse on the city.

We expect this blog to morph into an outlet for all of the positive changes that will be happening in Puyallup in the next few years.  We hope you stay along for the ride.


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One response to “The Future is Here

  1. Robert Lord

    With the seating of the new council I am hopeful that the citizens will be represented by council representatives who embrace high standards of ethics and accountability. For far too long those qualities have been missing from several members of past councils.

    Much has been written and spoken of the strife and division on the council. Much of that deviseness was brought about by some leaders on the council demonstrating contempt for the concept of public service and low regard for the very citizens that they pledged to represent when they took their oaths of office.

    Had it not been for the outrage of citizens against these individuals we might still be burdened with their inflated egos and misguided attempts to hyjack our city government.

    Despite the conflict, citizens have demonstrated once again that they will take control of their own government when elected leaders show their inability to lead wisely.

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