Final Election Results

Well, the final council meeting of 2011 is done and the old guard of the Puyallup City Council is done with it.

You’ll have four new faces on the council on January 3.  We’ve already covered Mr. Hopkins taking over for Nicole Martineau.

In the at-large seat, Steve Vermillion takes over for Kathy Turner.  Mr. Vermillion defeated Martineau in the closest race for the council.  He was the best candidate and will represent our city well.

In District 2, John Palmer defeated Charley Stokes.  Palmer replaces Tami Brouillet, who earned her seat by running unopposed four years ago. 

And, up on the hill, Tom Swanson takes over for Don Malloy, who was part of the council for 18 years.  Mr. Swanson defeated Robin Ordonez in another close contest.

The new council will have a good balance of experience and fresh faces.  It will also have good balance with retired families and young families with children.  This is a great makeup for the future of our great city!



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3 responses to “Final Election Results

  1. Mike Stanzel

    The dark days of Puyallup are coming to an end. There are still a few problem folks on the staff that need to be cleaned up.

  2. Robert Lord

    During the final council meeting with Mayor Turner presiding we witnessed Turner defending her poor judgement concerning an e-mail that she had written to commuters in which she attempted to portray the new council as unwilling to discuss solutions to their issues with the new downtown parking regulations. A shameful attempt to dissavow her own part in the vote “not to renew the Cornforth-Campbell lot lease with Sound Transit”.

    A typical move of hers to attempt to avoid any responsibility for a decision she helped make.

    Council member Boyle then attempted to perform his own dissappearing act by saying he had not been present at the June 7, 2011 meeting when the vote on the Cornforth-Campbell lot was taken. A check of the meeting minutes and the record of voting confirms that Mr Boyle was indeed present and did vote with the other 6 council members not to renew the lease with Sound Transit.

    Ms Brouilette then informed the audience of how her service placed her family in danger and that their cars had been vandalized. Her references were somewhat non-specific. Then she went on to make an ambiguous reference that the women on the council were made fun of.

    As a parting shot at her critics, Kathy Turner made a speech in which she included herself and Don Malloy as taking credit for just about every major project built by the city of Puyallup in the past 16 years. I expected no less of her.

  3. Ding Dong the witch is dead & her munchkin goes with her. I am looking forward to a fresh view from council members at the first meeting of 2012. Hopefully we can move forward on a positive note & get some items fixed that are long overdue for fixing.

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