John Hopkins Officially Sworn In

New District One representative John Hopkins was sworn in as a council member on November 30. 

He replaces Nicole Martineau who was appointed to fill the first two years of George Dill’s seat after he passed away.  Martineau ran for the at-large race but lost to Steve Vermillion.

If you come to the council meeting tomorrow night, you’ll see Mr. Hopkins in action!



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2 responses to “John Hopkins Officially Sworn In

  1. Robert Lord

    Congratulations to John Hopkins for winning the District 1 seat. His first council meeting in his new role was memorable. His presence on the council is an upgrade over his predessor for a number of reasons. One being that he was engaged on the issues before the council and he did not pander to Mayor Kathy Turner.

  2. And I might add to Bob’s comments, the most intelligent interaction that has come forth from that ‘seat’ for nearly two years. Way to go John.

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