Nicole Martineau Done as a City Council Member Effective November 30

As soon as the election is certified on November 29, council-elect John Hopkins will be sworn in as the representative in District 1, Position 2. 

Since Nicole Martineau was appointed to the position, and the term does not end until December 31, 2013, as soon as someone is elected to the position, they take over.

For the December 6 meeting, Mr. Hopkins will be occupying the seat between Mr. Knutsen and Mrs. Brouillet.

You can read more at the Tacoma News Tribune.

New Puyallup council member to take office this month [Tacoma News Tribune]



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2 responses to “Nicole Martineau Done as a City Council Member Effective November 30

  1. Robert Lord

    For all you who follow the happenings at the council watch the tape of the last meeting of Nov 15, 2011. After the end of the busniness portion of the meeting, during the Council Reports portion, council woman Tami Brouilette introduced a motion to add one more council meeting to the November calendar. The motion was seconded by who else, council woman Martineau.

    Discussion commenced for the next 30 minutes both for and against such a meeting at the 11th hour of the year. It became obvious that Mayor Turner was determined to have her way and push through her own agenda for the meeting.

    When the voice vote was taken on whether or not to have the meeting it was obvious to those in attendance that the motion failed 4-3 but Mayor Turner declared that it passed 5-2. A spontaneous call for a roll-call vote emanated from the audience. The result of the roll-call vote confirmed that the motion failed 4-3.

    Another blatant attempt by Mayor Turner to influence the outcome of a council vote and an embarassment to this city.

  2. Robert Lord

    The election results were certified as official yesterday, Nov 29, 2011. Congratulations to John Hopkins on being the first new council member to be sworn in today. Also congratulations to Steve Vermillion for winning the at-large seat, John Palmer the district 2 seat , Tom Swanson the district 3 seat, and John Knutsen the district 1 seat position 1.

    Now the hard work begins. Regaining the trust of citizens and cleaning up the messes left behind by the ruling sub-council.

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