Unofficially Declaring Steve Vermillion the Winner

The election is not certified until November 29, but with only a handful of votes left to count it appears Steve Vermillion has won the at-large seat on the City Council.

After a long, hard-fought battle he has beaten current appointed District One council member Nicole Martineau. 

Mr. Vermillion was the clear choice, with endorsements from the Police, Fire, and News Tribune.  He has the background and life experience to excel at this position.  Mr. Vermillion also was able to win this election by running a clean campaign, focusing on his credentials, leaving his opponent alone.

Puyallup is a better city with his representation.



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3 responses to “Unofficially Declaring Steve Vermillion the Winner

  1. Jeff Moss

    I’m very proud of Steve and his campaign team. Great work!!!

  2. stan johnson

    This is the first good thing that has happened to the Puyallup council since Term limits clipped the wings of the Mayor in 6 more weeks. We must not rest with the new appointments that will give the city some credibility for the future.

  3. Robert Lord

    The citizens of this city have struggled mightily to cast off the burdens placed on them by a group of politicians masquerading as council members.

    Those burdens include ruinous litigation brought about by self absorbed individuals on the council who display attitudes of entitlement and indifference toward citizen needs.

    For far too long Mayor Turner, council members Martineau, Brouilette and Malloy have demonstrated irresponsible leadership by plunging this city into deepening debt while disregarding warnings of their respective constituencies.

    To make matters worse they have the misguided belief that they know what is best for the citizens, even when those same citizens disagree.

    Thankfully, the citizens have spoken with their votes by ousting Martineau who is viewed as a continuing spokeswoman for Turner’s failed and ruinous policies. By steadfastly insisting upon term limits the citizens have also shown the door to Turner, and Malloy.

    Now Puyallup can begin again anew to begin to clean up the mess left behind by their self serving policies.

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