Puyallup Police, Fire Reiterate Support of Vermillion

Due to some recent “spinning” of some wording, the Fire and Police felt the need to publish another letter outlining their support of Steve Vermillion for the At-Large City Council position.  They also published a link to their website which clearly outlines why they are endorsing Vermillion.

Here is the link to their letter to the Tacoma News Tribune.

“To clarify, the endorsements of both the PPA and the Local IAFF No. 726 Firefighters went in support of her opponent, Steve Vermillion.”

Here is the link to the Police website with the explanation.  Here is an excerpt:

“The PPA has been questioned about our endorsement of Mr. Vermillion due to Ms. Martineau’s status as a sitting councilmember, wife of an Orting police officer, and daughter of a Washington State Patrol officer. These factors, along with the fact that she would represent the only female voice and potentially the only voice of young families, strongly biased us toward Ms. Martineau from the beginning. However, as the candidates progressed through our endorsement process, Mr. Vermillion’s knowledge, understanding, and insight loomed so largely that we could not justify any other decision. Mr. Vermillion is the right person for this position, bar none.”

Vote Vermillion!!!


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