Playing The Gender Card

Using the gender card in life is a dangerous thing.  Equality is something the United States can be proud of.  Whether you are woman or man, white or black, gay or straight, you have the exact same rights as everyone else.

Most of you probably received what can only be described as the ultimate play of the gender card from Nicole Martineau.  A unique mailer sent to the voting women of Puyallup, begging for their vote.  Touting herself as the only woman running for council, and that women’s voices will not be heard if she is not elected.

Here’s the problem: Women’s voices will always be heard on the council and being the only woman running doesn’t qualify her for the position, nor does it make her a better candidate than her opponent.  It simply gives her a tool to use to try and garner votes. 

No matter if you’re a man or woman, you still can make bad decisions on the council that negatively affect everyone.  Here’s a few examples:

-You can vote to raise utility fees on the citizens in this down economy where every dollar counts: Nicole Martineau did that. 

-You can vote to move the start time of meetings to 6 PM, a more inconvenient time for young, working families: Nicole Martineau did that.

-You can vote to not give citizens the right to initiative and referendum: Nicole Martineau did that.

-You can vote against a study to try and save the city hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars a year by consolidating city services into city property: Nicole Martineau did that.

-You can not support local law enforcement officers by voting against their contract: Nicole Martineau did that.

-You can vote to take out another bond to cover a lawsuit, to sink this city into further debt, then generate the revenue for the bond by raising the landfill fee on citizen’s city bills: Nicole Martineau did that.

You can see there are many more factors to consider when voting than what someone’s gender is.

Yes, Nicole Martineau is a woman.  No, she should not be supported because of that fact.



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4 responses to “Playing The Gender Card

  1. stan johnson

    With all the efforts and money being spent by Martineau, this council position must pay way more that it appears on the surface? Perhaps that’s it. Those that have made it their priority to fund her campaign must have her lined up for gratuitous paybacks for a long time ! Plenty deceptive I’d say. Just because your family is employed in law enforcement is hardly equal to the Puyallup Police Dept support behind your opposition Mr. Vermillion.We call that “spin” don’t we ? Pulling the gender card to somehow create a vision that she alone as a Woman is a mandate for good government on the council is much like saying that Puyallup must have a Ford,Chevrolet and Chrysler dealership to function because it’s been that way for years! In a few days we will see if Puyallup will have a “new” lease on governance or NOT.
    Vote Vermillion but not because he’s a Man but because he’s not Martineau. We know what she’s like. We must try another direction.
    S. Johnson

  2. Robert Lord

    Ms Martineau seems to be running out of phony ploys to get votes. Does she sense that she will lose this election? All she had to do to retain approval from the citizens was to do the job she was appointed to do. Unfortunately for her, she just could not resist the lure and false promises that the Turner contingent presented to her. If she did not recognise them for what they are then perhaps she deserves to lose. Either way, the citizens stand to benefit from her loss.

  3. SMDavis

    I just received a postcard from the Martineau campaign yesterday. On the postcard is a reference to a Tacoma News Tribune article dated 10/21/2011 with the statement: “The tone of Vermillions campaign has disappointed us; it’s been nasty at times.”

    I guess the statement prior to this one in the same article doesn’t count?
    “Steve Vermillion is, hands down, the best-qualified of the candidates for this seat.”

  4. Steven Shores

    And the sentence right after that says, “But there’s no denying his (Vermillion’s) leadership qualities and impressive qualifications for the council.”

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