News Tribune Endorsements

The Tacoma News Tribune has issued their endorsements for the Puyallup City Council race.

You can read them here.

They have endorsed John Hopkins for District 1, John Palmer for District 2, Robin Ordonez for District 3, and Steve Vermillion for the At-Large seat.

By gathering this endorsement, Steve Vermillion is endorsed by the News Tribune, the Police Association, and the Firefighters Union.   As is mentioned in the comments of the article, it is unheard of for a candidate to receive all three of those endorsements.  It is a great testament to Mr. Vermillion’s character and qualifications for this position.

In the District 1 race, the Tribune stuck with their primary race choice John Hopkins, who would be a great addition to the council.

However, their handling of Tom Smillie was unfortunate.  Mr. Smillie is qualified for the council and is not “temperamentally unfit.”  The fact that the Tribune would take one incident and blow it up as a total characterization of Mr. Smillie’s character is irresponsible.

The action being taken by the majority of the council that night was the highest degree of unethical behavior.  The way citizens responded was not appropriate, but what they said needed to be said. 

The good news is, that with either Hopkins or Smillie, District 1 comes out way ahead over the person who currently holds that seat.

In District 2 and 3, the Tribune offered their weakest endorsements for Palmer and Ordonez.



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3 responses to “News Tribune Endorsements

  1. Robert Lord

    I agree about the News Tribune showing lack of professionalism by stating Mr. Smillie being tempramentally unfit for any public office. Too make such a snap judgement based on an incident brought on by a very abusive attack on George Dill by Turner, Brouilette, Deal and Malloy illustrates how little the Tribune staff understands how serious Puyallup citizens are when it comes to exposing such indecent behavior.

  2. I was stunned by the hatchet job done on Tom. He has conducted himself in a completly honorable manner throughout this whole election.Strangely i wasn’t contacted for an update since the primary endorsement, and i don’t think anyone else was either [apart from those who went straight through to the general].It would be interesting to know who was behind this. Regardless it was totally “over the top”

    • I was never contacted for an update and was surprised by their ‘nasty’ comments regarding my campaign. And I was surprised by the attack on Tom. But the over reaction of the Turner camp on this initial incident, filing of police reports, et al highlights their tactic of intimidation. On Jan 1, she is history along with the rest of the assorted problems. If Martineau is not elected, then the entire problem will be solved.

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