Letters, We Got Letters

Below are excerpts and links to Letters to the Editors from the News Tribune.

“George Dill, my late husband, had vision for the city of Puyallup. Sadly, he was unable to see it through.

I had high hopes that his appointed fill-in (Ms. Martineau) would continue his dream, but sadly she has lacked vision and has been more of a follower than a leader.” Shu Dill

Puyallup: Vermillion reminiscent of George Dill [Tacoma News Tribune]

“As a community, we are presented with the simple choice between a fresh, conservative and moral leader in Vermillion, or more of the same old song and dance.

Vermillion understands the only way we can afford to enjoy the beauty is to take care of the infrastructure. He will unwaveringly and consistently stand up for what is right every time and not by sacrificing of our futures, our livelihood or our families.” Chris McNutt

Puyallup: Vermillion for City Council [Tacoma News Tribune]

“Steve Vermillion is the best choice for the at-large seat on the Puyallup City Council. He is endorsed by the Pierce County Professional Firefighters IAFF 726 FF and the Puyallup Police Association. He is endorsed by longtime residents and business owners, citizens in their mid-20s and citizens in their mid-80s, women and men.” David Couch

Puyallup: Vermillion is the voice city needs [Tacoma News Tribune]


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One response to “Letters, We Got Letters

  1. Lewis E. Pugh Jr

    Nicole Martineau is a candidate for the at -large counsel seat. She stated in her profile statement, “that policy decisions we make as a council affects all our citizens, and that is why I am choosing to run for the at-large seat, to represent the entire city.” I was of the opinion that was the reason Mrs. Martineau was selected by the City counsel, not only to speak for district one, but to vote on policy that effect all citizens of Puyallup. So for her to state that she wishes to represent all of Puyallup, when in fact she has already been during that for the past two years. Leaves me and other concern citizens to question her reasons to run for the at-large counsel seat. Especially since her voting record during the past two year on items that were brought to her attention by concern citizens were mostly ignored.

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