Martineau, Others Do Not Support Police Support Workers, Jailers

At tonight’s council meeting, the city and Puyallup Police Association reached a tentative agreement on a contract for the police support workers and jailers.  This agreement was reached in executive session, per state laws.  It needed city council approval to go into effect for 2012-2014.

When it came time to vote on the agreement, council member Rick Hansen made the motion to approve the agreement and council member John Knutsen seconded it.  Mayor Turner and council member Don Malloy made comments against the agreement.  They were the only council members to speak on the issue.

The vote and agreement failed 5-2 with only Hansen and Knutsen supporting it.  Martineau, Boyle, Brouillet, Turner, and Malloy voted against it. 

There were several jailers and other police staff in attendance, when the vote came down many left upset from the  council chambers.

If you look at what’s happened with the Tacoma teachers, these contract negotiations can become very negative and can affect a lot of people.  If this contract dispute drags out, some of the hardest workers in our city and their families could be affected negatively.

It’s unfortunate that Martineau and others chose this path.  We’re sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the Puyallup Police Association endorsed Martineau’s opponent, Steve Vermillion, and the four other council members who voted no are supporters of Martineau’s. 

That couldn’t be a reason, could it?



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3 responses to “Martineau, Others Do Not Support Police Support Workers, Jailers

  1. Lewis E.Pugh Jr

    You never know what games are played behind closed doors in Puyallup. Come November we will have 3 new counsel members maybe 4. Who in my opine will listen more closely to Citizens concerns and comments.

  2. Bill Staley

    I bet Tami Brouillet did not even know what she was voting for, she is such an idiot.

  3. Robert Lord

    What voters need to understand about Ms. Martineau is that behind the facade of false gestures and overtures of serving the public is an individual who panders to anyone who will further her real goals of personal gain at the expense of the citizens she allegedly represents.

    One only has to carefully pay attention to her public record of voting to understand that her actions are far different than her words.

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