Letter: Check the Candidates

For the past seven years I have attended Puyallup City Council meetings regularly.  As a result, I have learned much about the current council and candidates.

Two recent actions by councilmember Nicole Martineau cause me concern.  One is the fact that she voted to go back twenty-plus years to count council time served by Councilmember Hansen.  This prevented him from running against her in this election.  To his credit, Mr. Hansen voted for term limits at his own expense.

The second, and even more troubling is Police Report #1005569 filed by Mrs. Martineau on a long standing Puyallup business woman because she did not like the questions she was asked about her candidacy.  Merely asking her political questions may result in a police report is unbelievable.

If these things do not raise a red flag, the consider this: Her father is a retired police officer, her husband is a police officer and she is an incumbent, a guaranteed endorsement from the the police department. Not so!!!!

The Puyallup Police Association (including women) and the Central Pierce Firefighter Local #726 endorsed her opponent, Steve Vermillion.  They know more about the candidates than we do.

District 2 is also a concern.  Charley Stokes and John Palmer, both are good, decent, intelligent men.  However, Mr. Palmer cannot legally run for state office or most County positions because he works for the Federal Government, (the EPA), yet he can run for city council.

Please vote what is best for Puyallup.

Gene Landry

Puyallup, WA

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One response to “Letter: Check the Candidates

  1. Steven Shores

    Congratulations Mr. Vermillion on your endorsement by BOTH the Puyallup Police Association and the Pierce County Professional Firefighter Local #726. I can’t remember a time when a candidate was endorsed by BOTH public safety organizations. I truly trust their judgement as to who will best support the safety of Puyallup citizens. I want to thank the police and fire fighters for their support of Mr. Vermillion’s campaign.

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