Are you interested in having 14 houses on an acre next door to you?

That may happen if the cottage housing ordnance passes second reading.  First reading passed at the September 20 City Council meeting by a 4-2 vote.  Council members Nicole Martineau, Tami Brouillet, Don Malloy, and Kathy Turner voted in support of the ordinance.  Council members John Knutsen and Rick Hansen voted against it.  Councilmember Kent Boyle was absent.

Cottage housing is billed as “innovative housing,” when in fact it is a way for developers to cram more houses onto smaller pieces of land. 

It is touted as “providing a strong sense of community,” because all of the houses face each other and are packed so closely together.  In fact, it will become transient housing where the homes are rented out as quickly as they can.

The ordinance allows for a one-car detached garage per house.  So imagine, let’s say 10 houses on an acre.  At a minimum, that’s 10 cars but being realistic it’s probably 20 cars.  Can you imagine 20 cars next door to you and your family, coming out of a blacktop driveway onto your streets? 

Our infrastructure is failing, yet some want to put even more stress on our sewers and pipes.  If you are concerned about this type of housing, come to the next council meeting and let the council hear your thoughts.



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4 responses to “Are you interested in having 14 houses on an acre next door to you?

  1. stan johnson

    This is exactly why we need a change in the Puyallup Council . The attitude is constantly in the favor of developers! With constant concessions being made for growth, infrastructure will suffer as demands will be made on tax payers to chase a traffic night mare that already has degraded the life style of our city. Apathy will be our down fall if we can’t turn away the real estate sugar daddy support embraced by the current anti resident views of the current council. They are trying to push through all they can before the election in case “sanity” may be returned with a new attitude that would be resident friendly not developer friendly.

  2. Jim Malone

    I live on 5th ST S.E. and have some new condo’s staring into my back yard. You know, the typical small townhouse things with one car garages. They have been up for a number of years and some are empty still or bank owned. Look forward to that in your neighborhood if they build these instant ghettos called cottage housing. And where do they walk their dogs to go to the bathroom? Uh huh!

  3. Throughout the years developers have come out with catchy new sales pitches. Affordable housing, Zero lot line and even the last condo blitz. The reality is that each are designed to increase the number of units on the developers land [ie the profit margin]. If cottage housing is so good, why don’t we authorize loads of them in areas that already allow that much density?

  4. tom c smillie

    what a catchy name for cluster housing. the tennants that spawnrd this build dense and high to have our new town be a walkable city arrived with Agenda 21. this document lays out the future look of our cities in the 21st century. although the concept works for the larger metroplois type environs, our city has a relatively small city core and alot of empty homes dotting our landscape. how about we work on getting them filled up first

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