Letter: Debt Reduction Should Be Priority

On September 6th, the Puyallup City Council voted 6-1 to purchase two parcels of land in the Shaw Road vicinity.The original plan was for storm water infiltration needs associated with the future Shaw road widening plan. 

Now direct discharge is the plan.However the lots still make for possible green belt and “riparian habitat” uses.  Even mentioned was to accomodate a soccer field.  As much as I love “footie” i have to ask about parking and road access. Wouldn’t this defeat the whole purpose of the ecology goals?

Now I can’t say I would be opposed to the purchase but there is one thing that bothers me. Last week we had a budget shortage and two different tax increases were proposed to pay for infrastructure maintenance.[i.e basic needs] Yet we can afford this purchase when Shaw road widening doesn’t even have a planned start date.

No, our priorities have to be debt reduction and routine maintenance not this luxury item.

John Hopkins




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2 responses to “Letter: Debt Reduction Should Be Priority

  1. Jeff Moss

    Total cost of $6 Million for a submersible soccer field? Are you kidding? I’d love to hear an explanation from the council members who switched their votes and supported this nonsense the second time around.

  2. Dave Churchman

    The City Manager, Public Works and co-conspirators on the council did a superb job keeping the public in the dark on the facts pertinent to this real estate debacle.

    There were two parcels involved. One expensive parcel on the higher land that abutted Shaw Road and a cheap parcel of swampland below. If the gist of the rationale to buy the land shifted away from the widening of Shaw Road 25 years from now toward a Deer Creek runoff collection, they only needed to buy the lower portion for $100K. Not unusual, the city owns the adjacent parcel.

    Also, the council alluded to the purchase price being $200K below Dale Washam’s valuation. Correct. But it was more than the asking price that the realtor had it listed for. Genius !

    In addition, the owner was referred to as an Estate of a deceased party. What was hidden was the name of the current owner (former Mayor of Bonney Lake) who is a long time colleague of both Mayor Turner and Dannenberg.

    Boyle just two months ago asserted that this was not the time to be spending this much money for land not needed for decades. This week he spouted about the need to look toward the future. But as Boyle stated earlier this year. the public can’t be trusted to make the correct decisions, that is the council’s job.

    Hansen’s conversion due to the sudden infatuation with the lure of a soccer field (despite 4 of them being directly across the street at Shaw Rd Elem) was typical of his attentiveness for public duty and his District.

    It should be noted that council candidate Robin Ordonez maintains his support for this use of $500K of valuable taxes. District 3 voters should be aware of this and other tax and spend positions.

    But, we should not be surprised when Puyallup and Real Estate deals fail the sniff test. Who knows, when Mr Shawn Portmann goes on trial next month for fraud, bank embezzlement and money laundering, he may rat out several local “names”. Portmann may even explain his extraordinary purchase of tax deferred property from Mayor Turner.

    As Potter said last year “I think it’s time to disincorporate the city”.

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