At-Large Candidate Steve Vermillion Gets Major Endorsements

In addition to the endorsement the Tacoma News Tribune gave Mr. Vermillion before the primary, he has now received two more significant endorsements.

The Pierce County Professional Fire Fighters IAFF #726 (the union to which Central Pierce fire fighters belong) and the Puyallup Police Association (the union to which the Puyallup police officers belong) have both endorsed Steve Vermillion as their At-Large candidate of choice.

Congratulations Steve!



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3 responses to “At-Large Candidate Steve Vermillion Gets Major Endorsements

  1. Lewis E.Pugh Jr

    It’s time for a change. I sure hope the voters vote for Steve Vermillion into the At Large Position this November. After all he presents the work experience and the educational background to represent the citizens of Puyallup .

    Lewis E. Pugh Jr

  2. Robert Lord

    I just finished viewing the Sept 6, 2011 council meeting video and do wish Ms Martineau would have something constructive to say instead of chastising our citizens. She was smarting from the comments Mr Couch made during the citizen comment portion of the meeting. Those comments named numerous individuals, mainly her supporters, as writing negative Letters to the Editor and making negative comments about Puyallup. She has been defensive about her own poor performance as a council representive and attempted to hang the “Negative Tag” on her detractors and to hear her efforts thrown back in her face about her own supporters.

    Of course it was especially galling for her to listen to an article, read in council chambers, about an unselfish act attributed to her council opponent in the upcoming election . What goes around, comes around.

    As usual, being “thin skinned” she used her position on the council to accuse Mr. Couch of “Campaigning”.

  3. Dan Ridley

    I agree Mr. Lord,
    The fact that she even said anything to Mr. Couch only brought more attention to her. She is NOT very smart.

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