See You Later Merv!

With the primary election over, we now have two candidates in each City Council race. 

In the District 1 race, citizen-centered candidates John Hopkins and Tom Smillie are moving on to the general election in November.  400 South Meridian’s candidate Merv Swanson was eliminated.

Once again, the “vocal minority” supported candidates have defeated the “silent majority” candidates.  Mr. Swanson’s name has been added to the right-side bar of this website, showing that the majority of the current council are not in tune with what the people of this town want.

Guess it’s time for Nicole Martineau to take her Merv Swanson sign out of her yard.


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One response to “See You Later Merv!

  1. Dave Churchman

    While Merv lost at the polls, he did raise some issues and concerns that were absolutely valid that need to be addressed. Independence , transparency and the commitment to the current version of term limits for starters.

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