Bradley Lake Concert: Great Concert, But More Press Needed

My wife and I just returned from the tribute to John Denver and Elvis at Bradley Lake Park. What an incredible evening. There were several hundred citizens in attendance and everyone had fun. The entertainment was great and the setting was perfect. The precedence has been established; concerts can be successful in a venue other than Pioneer Park. It is already time to plan for more concerts here next year.

Now with God and my wife as a witness let me tell you of a conversation as we were leaving. We crossed the street and were almost to our car when a very nice lady took my arm and said, “Excuse me but how did you know about the concert?” I told her of my involvement and that I was given flyers to distribute etc. She understood. Then she said, “I did not know about it. I discovered it while walking in the park this evening. It was so good and I enjoyed myself.” The city has to bust its backside getting information to our citizens about Parks and Recreation Department events and particularly when they are free and open to the public. How many posters were distributed south of the fairgrounds? Why is this the first concert, at least that I have noticed, to be included in the Herald? Why do the parks not have bulletin boards, as vandal proof as possible, that announce such events? Now more than ever the city needs to be reaching out to its citizens to avail themselves of the activities such as this.

I offer myself as a volunteer asset as you work to improve communications with our citizens. The lady that stopped me paid, in some part for the concert, she should be told about it.

Bob Neilson


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