Martineau’s Lack of Judgement Could Cost City

Two very interesting comments from the Puyallup Herald this week regarding Nicole Martineau’s accomplishments.  She, and her supporters, are touting the fact that she “removed” Gary McLean as City Manager.  Here are the quotes from the paper.

“Additionally, Martineau said she called for the executive session that led to the removal of Gary McLean as city manager…..”  [Martineau-Vermillion fight for at-large seat]

“The record will show that Martineau called the executive session and initiated the process that ultimately led to dispatching the former city manager….” Kim Kalnoa [Letters to the Editor]

Well, the record will show that Gary McLean was not removed, nor dispatched, he quit.  In fact, McLean and the city have a separation agreement that prevents each other from disparaging one another. 

Comments that she “removed” Gary McLean imply that he was fired, therefore hurting his future employment.  That could be considered disparaging.  The city could be open to a lawsuit that would cost us, the taxpayers, thousands of more dollars that frankly, we need to use on more important things.

She is clearly sharing this “accomplishment” with others, because that is the only way someone would know who called an executive session. That information is not shared in the record.

This is just another example of the lack of judgement Mrs. Martineau has.  She is not qualified, nor ready, to serve this city as a council member.


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One response to “Martineau’s Lack of Judgement Could Cost City

  1. Dave Churchman

    It seems that every time Ms Martineau opens her mouth it costs taxpayers.

    Every time Ms Martineau does something, it costs taxpayers too.

    Her recent all expense paid boondoggle trip to Spokane had a number of dubious discrepancies which cost taxpayers. Upgraded hotel (she only paid part of the difference), charged the city expenses incurred on her husbands credit card. Inappropriate, but signed off by Dannenberg as “not violating city policy”.

    Add this to her claim to be a current employee of the School District (just 5 days in 2 years) and you get an indication of her truthfulness.

    I don’t think Puyallup can afford 4 additional years of Martineau on our nickel.

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