Cheryl Carlson Separation Agreement

Here is the separation agreement between former City Attorney Cheryl Carlson and the City of Puyallup.

As you can see, her personnel file will show that she resigned.  Also, she is getting $31,000 and four months of COBRA health coverage.

The reason for her resignation is still unknown, and may never be stated publicly.



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6 responses to “Cheryl Carlson Separation Agreement

  1. Bill Staley

    Is there any chance we can get rid of Tammy Brouillet early also? She should had been gone along time ago. She had no business being on the council. Thank god she is not coming back.

  2. Dave Churchman

    You can thank Council Member Rick Hansen for the “gift” of Tami Brouillet on the council by switching races at the 11th hour leaving her unopposed.

    A 4-year long “gift”.

  3. Bill Staley

    When is Turner up for re-election? Wow, I did not know that about Hansen switching. Do you know why Brouillet is not running again?

  4. Bill Staley

    I just watched a televised Puyallup Council Meeting and I answered my own question on why Brouilett is not running again, she has watched herself and realized she has no business on the council and is an idiot Turner cronie and had no chance of being re- elected.

  5. Steven Shores

    Hello Bill. Come to the next meeting on the 5th floor of City Hall August 16th at 6:00 PM to watch the action that doesn’t appear on camera. It’s even more interesting.

  6. Dave Churchman

    It is no coincidence that the clearout of council members came soon after the televising of council meetings. The farce of what is portrayed as local government is now for all to see.

    I just wish the sound was better. The most extraordinary event was barely captured by the microphones. That was when Turner nominated Brouillet to be Deputy Mayor and the students in the audience burst out laughing.

    Brouillet even voted to ban the televising of council meetings after city hall construction was completed with the camera infrastructure installed. She knew that would be the end of her miserable career as a council member.

    In the meantime, Brouillet, Turner and Martineau along with Dannenberg are padding their expense accounts and travel points by going on as many boondoggles they can before standing down or being booted out by the public.

    As I said before, thank Hansen for giving us 4 years of Brouillet.

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