News Tribune Endorsements, PuyallupNow Endorsements

The Tacoma News Tribune published their endorsements for the August primary.  It is a very well written editorial that briefly touches on the issues surrounding this year’s election.

The Tribune clearly favors John Hopkins in the District One race.  John would be a strong representative on the council for the people of District One.  Tom Smillie would also do his homework and vote with the voice of the citizens’ in mind.  Either of those is a good choice for Puyallup.

In the at-large race, the Tribune states it well: If you like the current road the city is on, vote for Nicole Martineau.  If not, vote for Steve Vermillion.

That’s a pretty easy choice in our opinion.  Steve Vermillion is head-and-shoulders above Martineau.  He has a well-rounded background that will lead to smart votes on the dias.  Steve is not afraid to share his opinion, nor is he afraid to change that stance if the majority of citizens disagree with him.  He is a listener.  That’s one of the most important traits of an elected official.

If you choose not to vote for Mr. Vermillion, please consider Chris McNutt.  McNutt is another great candidate who has the best interest of Puyallup in mind.  If he is unable to make it through the primary, we hope he considers running for council in 2013 in District 3.  He would have the support of this site.

Vote John Hopkins or Tom Smillie, and Steve Vermillion in the primary.

Our Choices in Puyallup council, school board races [Tacoma News Tribune]



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3 responses to “News Tribune Endorsements, PuyallupNow Endorsements

  1. Steven Shores

    Comparing Steve Vermillion to the other three candidates is incommensurable [like comparing apples to oranges].

    Vermillion’s list of credentials is most impressive with concrete and objective and verifiable descriptions of the vast education and experience he has achieved in his life rather than vague references and rhetoric used by some to embellish their lackluster backgrounds.

    The attractiveness of his campaign platform is its honesty and specificity, void of any meaningless or “politically safe” rhetoric. His campaign is based on the needs and desires of citizens not outside influences. He stands on his own values and is not afraid to question or separate himself from the ‘herd’ mentality.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Now it is time to “get out the vote” to start repairing the damage caused by the “gang of four”.
    Voters should be aware that the voting shacks at both Fred Meyer stores in Puyallup and Sumner have been retired. The only place to drop off your ballot in town is near the Library (uncomfortably close to 400 S Meridian for my liking considering previous election shenanigans).

  3. Nicely stated.
    Yes it is important to get out the vote.Expect ballots Saturday and Monday. Expect that 40% of the pathetic 20% return will be immediate .So your vote does count.Tell your friends.
    Chicago politics says…. “vote early and often”

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