Letter: Mayor Turner Obeys Only One Set of Rules, Her Own

Even though only a handful of council meetings remain this year, Mayor Kathy Turner should abide by only one set of rules. On multiple occasions this election season, Turner has gaveled citizens down at the council chamber podium when they mention their candidacy for elections or support for a campaign.  

At the last council meeting, Jim Kastama and others were invited to speak on Olympia issues impacting Puyallup. The second half of Kastama’s speech was a campaign announcement and plea for support in his new election bid. Did Turner gavel him down or even politely ask him to refrain ?  No she did not. The campaign rhetoric went on and on without interruption.   

Kastama cannot be faulted. He probably did not know the rules.  But Turner, who reminds anyone within earshot that she is the expert on rules and protocol in council chambers, remained “mute”.  

Now why did this occur ?  Perhaps it was due to Kastama’s efforts setting up the opportunity for Turner, Deal and others to proclaim 400 S Meridian as a depressed area with its 10-year property tax abatements for Turner and her allies. Maybe it was due to numerous Kastama family contributions to Martineau’s campaign coffers. What ever it was, it stunk.

 The irony was within 10 minutes after Kastama completing his speech, a candidate for this year’s council election was rebuked by Turner at the podium for mentioning his candidacy.

When asked later as to why Kastama was allowed to continue, Turner declined to respond. 

You simply can’t make up what goes on in City Hall and the Puyallup Council Chambers. It is embarrassing to the public and taxpayers who fund this charade of what is supposed to be ethical local government. 

Dave Churchman


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One response to “Letter: Mayor Turner Obeys Only One Set of Rules, Her Own

  1. Robert Lord

    Turner has always behaved in the manner described in the article. Doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s just the way she operates. She continues to demonstrate her contempt for the citizens and apparently believes that the rules others must live by do not apply to her. She and her friends live off the largese of the tax payers and seem to expect us all to be thankful for her service.

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