Help Clean Out Clark’s Creek

Need volunteers on this coming Monday  July 18th at 10 am at Clarks Creek Park.  
We will be pulling weeds from the creek bed as part of a pilot program to help control the elodea that grows and contributes to the flooding issues along the creek.
We suggest boots/waders or at least tennis shoes you don’t mind getting wet, and a change of shoes when you are done.
Many hands should make quick work.  
Definitely bring gloves, you never know whats on the bottom out of sight. 


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2 responses to “Help Clean Out Clark’s Creek

  1. Jeff Moss

    Kudos to city manager Ralph Dannenberg for leading the city’s weed eradication efforts not only at Clark’s Creek but also within the public works department and most recently the city’s legal department. I believe there is need for additional weed pulling in other areas of the city.

    Waders are always recommended when venturing near city hall.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Volunteers are advised to wear rubber boots with steel toes. You do not want to accidentally kick any concrete “shoes” attached to missing critics of Turner Towers personnel, past or present.

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