Election Donations Tell The Story

If you want to amuse yourself, go to the PDC website and check out who is donating to whose campaign.

Looking at Nicole Martineau’s donations, you’ll find the names of 3 people listed on the right sidebar of this website.  The names of Chris Taylor, Rosemary Eckerson, and Glen Zevenbergen are all losers in recent elections for city council. 

They were losers because they didn’t represent the majority of what citizens want, despite their own claims.  They were all easily defeated by better candidates.  Now, they are throwing their support behind Mrs. Martineau even though the public has rejected them already.

Another fun idea: Go back to 2007 and look at Kathy Turner’s donations.  Then compare that list to Martineau’s.  Many of the same people.

So, if you like Kathy Turner, vote for Martineau.  If you don’t like Kathy Turner, vote for Steve Vermillion.

The facts you’ll find by following the money.



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3 responses to “Election Donations Tell The Story

  1. … Or vote for Chris McNutt. I think both Steve and Chris are decent choices, but I’ll be voting for McNutt.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Martineau on her web site is making a big deal out of the Master Builders Asoociation endorsing her. While she may get some cash out of it, it is hardly something that a more intelligent candidate would crow about.

    The MBA has an attrocious track record in Puyallup as being champions of uncontrolled growth of developments (just look at the Shaw Rd mess) as well as being supporters of the disasterous cottage housing plans aimed at wedging high density homes into existing neighbourhoods.

    Next, the MBA will endorse Palmer for the very same corrupt reasons.

  3. Steven Shores

    Dave………….Amen! Like donors, endorsers indicate a lot about one’s allegiance and views.

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