Letter: Two Primary Races , Not One

I am sure that most readers of the “Now” understand that we are going to be voting on two primary races.

District 1, Seat 2 and At-large. Unfortunately most of the voters at this time are confused or unaware.

I assume that they know, only to find that they will ask “so you are running against Martineau [or Vermillion] ”

It’s reached a point that I have to explain this, to most people, before anything else. Those of you out there who are actively campaigning should bear this in mind unless you have already come to the same conclusion.

John Hopkins



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3 responses to “Letter: Two Primary Races , Not One

  1. Steven Shores

    Let’s make it perfectly clear. This is who is running for what:
    * At-Large – Steve Vermillion, Chris McNutt, Bill Rennie and Nicole Martineau
    * District I, Seat #2 – Tom Smillie, John Hopkins and Merv Swanson

    Vote wisely August 16!

  2. I run into this as well. The challenge the readers and supporters of PuyallupNow face is to educate the rest of the city on this and nearly all other issues. I’ll see if i can come up with some ways we might do that.

  3. I always tell people who are running in each and every race if we have a dialogue going. In D3/D2 I do not mention the two primary races since they are only concerned about one facet of the race. If done correctly, the ballot going to D3 people will only contain the 4 at large people–likewise in 2. In D1 I always explain their are two primary elections as my handouts all have the date of the primary shown on them and I remind them to vote early. Likewise I tell the approximate window for receiving the voters pamphlet and their ballots.

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