Guess You Can’t Believe Everything in the Voter’s Pamphlet

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3 responses to “Guess You Can’t Believe Everything in the Voter’s Pamphlet

  1. Steven Shores

    And how do you explain this in the Voter’s Pamphlet considering she was NOT elected by voters, but rather APPOINTED by a majority of only 4 other council members to fill the position vacated by the untimely death of George Dill? I suppose the spin will be her choice wording of “Currently serving…..” Where’s the honesty here? Vagueness and deception are the modus operandi to inflate reality.

    Elected Experience:
    Currently serving as District One Puyallup City Council Member, Vice President Government Concerns Pierce College Puyallup

  2. Dave Churchman

    When a candidate is reduced to talking about their spouse, their child or their father, it is a good sign of a campaign going nowhere. This candidate gets in trouble every time she opens her mouth or writes something as it all has been exposed as self serving lies. (Her employment is a classic example). The other candidates in her race have said what they plan to do if elected. Not Martineau.
    Remember, at her selection, she promised to uphold the policies and plans of George Dill. That promise lasted less than a fortnight.
    So, we should not expect any truth to be in the Voters Pamphlet under her name. And, we were not disappointed in that expectation.

  3. Robert Lord

    Mrs. Martineau tries to pose as a representative but her rhetoric does not match up with her actions. She claims that she supported not raising taxes but did the opposite with her vote. She claims to be a good listener to her constituents but does not return calls or e-mails. She claims to be a communicator but in reality is non-communicative. Does she think we citizens buy her load of c**p and have no memories of her betrayal of her constituents. And her ethics, what ethics? If you want more of Kathy Turner style of government vote for Martineau. If you want honesty and an end to the corrupt oligarcy then send a message by un-electing Martineau.

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