Letter: Rolling Meetings

The conspiracy and collusion of “rolling meetings”

An investigation into the subject of “rolling meetings” has uncovered some disturbing and non-surprising conclusions. Those concerned by the revelation that clandestine meetings regular occur in City Hall behind closed doors between some members of the council and its city manager are not alone. Apparently, it is a State-wide phenomenon that has exploded in its proliferation over the past twelve months.

Even more startling is that Puyallup is mostly to blame for this most immoral ploy by city officials across the State.

The investigations allege that the tactic of “rolling meetings” where city officials and council representatives discuss, strategize and prepare actions in every aspect except the final act of voting in secret out of the public and media’s eyes has been “cooked up” by well-known board members of the Association of Washington Cities. Tired of being critiqued and held accountable by the public, it was time for action. (Previous ploys of destructive property vandalism, personal threats and coercion of employers to “lean on” problematic citizens were becoming ineffective.) One only has to examine the classes and tutorials being put out by the AWC to see the motivation to muzzle the public and the press. The AWC’s motive is two-fold, power mania and the desire to maintain revenue from the public for salary and benefits protection.

Those who doubt the possibility of this collusion just need to remember who the two most prominent individuals are on the AWC Board who wishes to curtail First Amendment and transparency in government. Puyallup’s mayor, Kathy Turner until last week was the AWC President and the star of “You Tube”, council member Jeanne “Meltdown” Harris of Vancouver Washington is a close Turner ally and fellow Board member.

These two probably sketched out the “rolling meeting strategy” on the back of one of many bar napkins and terrified gutless city managers (all AWC members) stood to attention and obeyed.

Dave Churchman



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3 responses to “Letter: Rolling Meetings

  1. One of the biggest priorities for new Council is to regain Citizen trust.The rolling meeting strategy may be useful and informative, but it has the odious appearance of impropriety.That alone is a good reason to eliminate them.
    The goal must be total transparency.

    • I agree completely John. Whether the topics intentions and actions within these meetings are innocent doesn’t even matter. The potential for abuse is there and the appearance of abuse is clear. I’m hoping that this kind of thing will no longer be an issue our council, no matter who wins the upcoming elections.

  2. Dave Churchman

    There are just 7 regular council meetings left in 2011 where citizens can question this council’s actions and plans (not that they pay much attention anyway).
    As a point of reference, there have been 16 clandestine Rolling Meetings held out of the public eye since last August.
    Transparency, you can’t beat it !

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