Letter from Chris McNutt

**Below is an article submitted to PuyallupNow from City Council At-Large candidate Chris McNutt. This is NOT an endorsement of a candidate, simply giving another platform for information. This opportunity is open to other candidates as well.**


Hello PuyallupNow readers!

“My name is Chris McNutt and I’m running for the Puyallup City Council at large position.” That is how I begin each conversation as my wife, daughter and I go door to door seeking support and votes.

For some time now, we’ve been readers of PuyallupNow and we share many of it’s views. We’ve gotten a lot of information and enjoyment from the articles and comments here on the site. The unified voice of PuyallupNow’s writers and the devoted following of it’s readers makes for a great and flavorful source of information. After a recent reply to the article detailing some of the at large candidates background and education the offer was extended to me to put together an article for submission on this great site. I’ve been thinking for a few days as to what might be appropriate as well as interesting enough to join the archives. I’m still at a loss for the fireworks show equivalent of an introduction, but I hope that the following will be an interesting read for you. I’ll be checking out the comments and would be happy to participate in a discussion if anyone should wish.

I’ve lived in Puyallup for about 35 years. I have been proud to call it my home and happy to raise my children here. The City of Puyallup has done some things right but we are certainly not exempt from issues. We may even have more than our share of issues for a city of our size, but I want to be one of the hands that will guide us in the correct direction going forward.

My goals are fairly simple, to end the corruption so Puyallup can become the example other cities aspire to become. Accomplishing this is easier said than done (of course), but I believe we’re on the right track as is exemplified with John Knutsen running unopposed in his district.

I tend to look to the big picture and to try to understand how things work. This has served me well in my 11 years as a corporate sales rep (13 years total with Zones, Inc. in Auburn). I am continually surprised how well the skills I use every day to solve my customers issues translate into the skills needed for the council and for campaigning.

There is a common theme revealed each time I examine a problem the city has whether new or old: The people are being ignored! There are several consistently vocal citizens who seem to be treated as delusional mental patients by the ruling sub-council. If it weren’t for the fact that they are simply passionate people who are nearly always dead-on with their thoughts and arguments, it might be easier to dismiss their “rantings.” It is often shocking they have put up with being treated so inconsiderately and not simply moved on to another city.

I for one am glad they have stuck by us, always calling out as a voice of reason and outrage. It’s embarrassing their concerns are largely ignored and only given any consideration in rhythmic time to the pounding of a gavel.

The city, the government, and the council exist to serve the community and the will of the people. Ignoring that mandate should come with large consequences. Please join with me in making one of those consequences the loss of power over us and our city. Help me to limit their future power to that of a single vote by electing me to the city council.

I’m compelled at this point to add that I’m putting all the money I have into this. It’s not much, and in truth, it’s not enough. As of this writing today, I am at the line where personally funding more would jeopardize my home and family. It’s a little hard to admit, but I need help. If you have it within your budget to donate $25, $50, or $100 (or miraculously more) it would mean the world to my family and I and it will add up.

My next purchase will be more yard signs to give to those people who expressly wish to support me by having one in their yard. (If you wish to display one, please let me know). I would like to have funding for a direct mailer as well, however I’m a long way off from being able to afford one. We’re also seeking concerned citizens to help in the door to door effort. The city is large enough that the pitter-patter of my little feet just can’t be heard everywhere in time.

Please visit my site at http://www.chrismcnutt.com to contribute, read more or if you have any questions you would like to ask directly.

Chris McNutt for Puyallup City Council At large




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6 responses to “Letter from Chris McNutt

  1. I believe that you stand for many of the Values that most of the subscribers to Puyallup Now stand for.
    I am self funding but that is because it is only a district race.At Large needs outside money.You have my respect for trying without the resources, or the back up machinery
    John Hopkins

  2. I second John’s comments. I am in the same boat money wise as you but I am planning on putting more personal funds to the task. Caution must always play a role in placing money into a gamble like this as 75% of us are going to lose our investment.

    Steve Vermillion

  3. Tim Shirts

    Chris: I also applaud your efforts. Regardless of the outcome of the At Large election, I hope that for many years to come, the names Steve Vermillion and Chris Mcnutt are both well known in Puyallup politics. We need common sense candidates to get us out of the mess that the self-serving got us into.

  4. Dave Churchman

    Chris – even as a Vermillion supporter, I still wish you well. If Steve is elected, I hope that you will learn much from the election process and run in District 3 against Boyle in 2 years time and have the council loaded with intelligent independent thinkers.

    • Steve is a great guy. I would have avoided running against him if I could because I think we would both do a good job. I’m giving it my all though, as is Steve. I believe he and I are of like minds about all of this and I hope that he and I will both be on the council in the coming years.

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