Congratulations John Knutsen

District 1 Councilmember John Knutsen’s 4-year term is up on December 31 of this year.  Last week he filed for reelection and as Friday’s deadline passed, he is unopposed.

Congratulations to Mr. Knutsen on his reelection!

The fact that no one chose to run against him is a testament to his service on the council.  He has been one of the few voices up there that speak for the citizens.  It doesn’t matter what his personal opinion on the item is, he talks to the people, finds out what they want, and votes accordingly.

He helped rid our city of a corrupt city manager, spent $50,000 of his own money fighting for public information, helped get council meetings televised, incorporated term limits, stopped an attempt to change our district representation to all at-large, and frankly, has been a thorn in the side of those long-time council members who were used to doing whatever they wanted and whatever was best for them personally.

District 1 will have a citizen’s voice on the council for at least four more years.



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3 responses to “Congratulations John Knutsen

  1. Mike Stanzel

    John’s been an honest voice on the council. Hopefully he’ll get some backup next term.

  2. District one has two other races to be concerned about.Seat two and at large.Each have good candidates that will represent us well.My hope is that all candidates run clean ,open ,honest campaigns and that the voters pick the ones who are going to do the best job to represent us.
    Congratulations to John Knutsen
    John Hopkins

  3. Congratulations John Knutsen
    District one still has two other races of direct consequence… At large and Seat two
    Both have good candidates.
    Hopefully we can avoid any muck raking and dirt throwing.
    Hopefully the citizens pick the candidates who will do the best job for Puyallup
    John Hopkins

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