Checking the Facts: Nicole Martineau

*Note: The audio files may take a minute to load.

Councilmember Nicole Martineau complained at the last council meeting that citizens were misquoting her in their letters and speeches when referring to her replacement of George Dill. Here is audio of her at the June 7 meeting.

Martineau claims that she never stated that she would represent the same values and positions as George Dill. She ignores the fact that George was elected by a majority of the District 1 voters because they agreed with his values and positions. Here is audio of Martineau’s explanation of George’s values, values she is now claiming to not share with him.

She asked people to check the facts and verify what was being written. So, in an effort to make things easier, we have checked the facts. We’ve listened back to the audio of her speech and post it here so you too can hear what was said. Click here to listen to the first minute of her appointment speech and tell us if citizens have been stating the facts.

Councilmember Martineau’s failed attempts at representing the people have led her to have to spin the truth to help with her election campaign. This poster says it best:



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3 responses to “Checking the Facts: Nicole Martineau

  1. Dave Churchman

    Glad to see the austerity plan at City Hall is in full motion with Martineau heading off to Spokane with the Mayor for 5 days to the AWC conference. The value in sending 2 lame ducks to this event tells me two things, they simply dont listen to public concerns on budgets and they don’t care about responsibility.

    I hope Jack Daniels sent an extra shipment to Spokane to accomodate the usual “hangers on”.

  2. Gabi Hyman

    How unfortunate that you have to put down women to raise yourself esteem. How unamerican to comment on someone who is participating in a parade. Your comments about women in general are offensive

  3. Robert Lord

    How unfortunate it is that council person Martineau misrepresented herself to garner a spot on the council and then set about to abandon all of the qualities she said she shared with George Dill. What a absolute shock for the constituents of district 1 to learn that she not only would not advocate for district 1 citizens as it is the job description of being a representative on the council but that she would blatantly ignore their needs. How well do some of you who support her actually really know her. Check the public record of her performance and maybe you will understand how she has alienated her constituents.

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