Council Districts Are Safe

Tuesday’s council meeting ended with our three districts safe from the at-large wishes of the Mayor and others.

Numerous citizens spoke out against the issue, just like they did in 2006 and 2009. Citizen Gene Landry even brought the 1,700 signatures that were gathered in 2006.

The council did their job, simply changing the map to reflect the population changes.

Now, let’s hope the at-large issue has died for good.


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One response to “Council Districts Are Safe

  1. Robert Lord

    So many people spoke against the at-large issue that it took 1 hour and 10 minutes to get through the citizen comment portion of the June 7,2011 council meeting. There was no doubt about the mood of the citizens on that issue. Had Turner and her allies tried to cram one more injustice down the throats of citizens similar to the May 17,2011 vote for the 6PM start time, they would probably have had to call more police to the city council chambers to restore order.

    People like Turner, Brouilette, and Martineau apparently think that they know better than the citizens about what is good for them. Instead of taking their direction from the citizenry they have reversed the process and that is why they will fall in their bid to lead this city.

    Even after the council voted 7-0 to readjust the district lines Turner could not resist taking one more defiant jab at the citizens over the At- Large issue. She just does not understand why citizens reject her meddling in their affairs.

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